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You wouldn’t try to construct a building without a detailed plan in hand, so why should your landscape design be any different?

There’s much more to a functional, sustainable commercial landscape than just adding some plants, turf and calling it a day. To have a property that is easy to maintain, looks good and isn’t riddled with costly issues, you need to have a solid design.

Benefits of Professional Landscape Design

Done Right the First Time

It really can’t be overstated how important it is to properly design your landscape from the start — because if you don’t, you’ll be left paying for repairs and other changes.

A professional design is a must if you want your commercial landscape to be efficient and functional.

The design shouldn’t just encompass sustainable plant beds, but it should also ensure all of the different features will work together seamlessly.

Plus, knowing your design was done correctly from the get-go will give you real peace of mind, which is a hard thing for property managers to find.

Keeps Property Up to Code and Accessible

Do you know where to install a retention or detention pond and how to maintain it to keep it up to code? Or, are you familiar with what it takes to make your site ADA accessible?

Working with a professional landscape designer will help ensure your site is compliant and accessible. That will keep you from paying hefty fines and reduce the chance of liability issues.

A landscape designer can make sure you have the required ramps, tree heights and more to keep your site up to your city’s standards.

In addition to staying up to code, a professional can also make sure you follow any local water restrictions. They’ll know what days and times you can run your irrigation system to avoid getting fined.

Improves Site’s Drainage & Prevents Issues

A stormwater management plan should be a major part of all Texas properties, and that starts with having a professional design that addresses potential drainage issues.

Poor drainage on your property can lead to soil erosion, foundation damage and runoff issues — all of which can be costly to repair.

Creating a solid design that incorporates proper site grading, bed layouts and drains (when needed) can prevent these problems.

Helps Landscape’s Traffic Flow

Whether you have a sprawling commercial property or one with little green space, you’ll want to ensure your site is designed to control the traffic flow.

A professional design will show tenants and visitors how they should get from Point A to Point B, without walking through your lush grass and plant beds.

The design can incorporate elements like foliage along walkways, lighted paths and even decorative fences. Install hardy turf in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic.

Incorporates Native Plants

All plants are created equal, right? Not quite.

Unless you want to pay for more maintenance and a higher water bill, you’ll want to have native plants included in your design — something a professional will know to do.

Native plants are more sustainable — something tenants have come to expect — and will thrive better in your landscape. We are pretty  passionate about native elements, as I’m sure you can tell by our name.

Some popular native plants for Texas are desert willow, Texas sage, rock rose, red yucca and gulf muhly. There are a variety of native trees, perennials, groundcovers, ornamental grasses and succulents to choose from.

Reduces the Needed Maintenance

Native plants aren’t the only part of a professional landscape design that can limit the amount of maintenance your site needs. You can also purposefully place other features on your site to cut back on the upkeep.

For example, if there are areas out of sight with little traffic — like around a retention pond — the design can call for taller grasses that don’t need to be cut as regularly.

And if you have steep slopes, you can install retaining walls or groundcovers so it doesn’t need to be regularly mowed — which is more difficult and costly because of the incline.

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